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Author: Colin B.

Review date 13.12.2017


the shirt that we wanted was out of stock. The suggested another shirt which we accepted. Then we were told this item was no longer available. So we had to choose another shirt which was £2. I asked if this could be waived in view of the inconvenience caused but they said no . I thought this was pretty mean in view of the amount of emails we sent


Author: John H.

Review date 04.12.2017


Had no communication so can\'t comment on that but very happy with service. Very nice bowling shoes but need stretching in toe width. Is this possible please.


Author: John P.

Review date 04.12.2017


Completely satisfied with service. Bowls arrived much sooner than expected.


Author: Kenneth M.

Review date 30.11.2017


Fast, efficient service as usual


Author: Ian R.

Review date 23.11.2017


Ordered a set of Drakes Pride bowls using the design link on the website to create my own choice. Very impressed with the service throughout and the speedy delivery was a pleasant surprise. Carol was excellent at keeping me informed throughout. Thank you.


Author: Andrew W.

Review date 20.11.2017


Visited shop, which has more stock than any other in Dorset. Ordered bowls online. Immediate acknowledgement and regular e mails to advise on progress of order. First class service, and most competitive price.


Author: Mick W.

Review date 19.11.2017


Amazing service quick delivery and my daughter loves her top. Great quality too


Author: Kelly-marie D.

Review date 17.11.2017


I was very pleased with the service and delivery of bowls was very quick. I have recommended your Company to my friend who is interested in purchasing new bowls.


Author: Patricia B.

Review date 10.11.2017


Good value compared to other bowls sites, arrived quicker than expected, less than 48hr after ordering. Product already worn indoors.


Author: David W.

Review date 04.11.2017

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