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Product not in stock when ordering but only had to wait for a week to arrive so no worries there good service will use again


Author: Michael J.

Review date 28.04.2018


the shirt that we wanted was out of stock. The suggested another shirt which we accepted. Then we were told this item was no longer available. So we had to choose another shirt which was £2. I asked if this could be waived in view of the inconvenience caused but they said no . I thought this was pretty mean in view of the amount of emails we sent


Author: John H.

Review date 04.12.2017


Shipping fast quality of product was poor it seemed to be item that had been returned before as had no tickets or labels on it returned product received new product with all labels attached it was a shame that it wasn\'t checked first time for faults as it has cost me money to send it back so never got the goods at the price on your site


Author: Christopher L.

Review date 30.07.2017


Fantastic service, speedy delivery and products are well protected. Very good website easy to follow. I have used this site more than once and will do so again. Rob M


Author: Robert M.

Review date 22.01.2017


No problems at all with the service from Julian Hains but the trousers I ordered were far too large. The labels stated 30 waist/29 leg but in reality they were more like 34 waist/31 leg.


Author: Robin P.

Review date 17.02.2016


Very good service but could do with a few less emails about the order.


Author: Trevor N.

Review date 16.01.2015


Excellent service throughout the transaction


Author: philip l.

Review date 30.11.2014

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